03 Jun

After 25 years of success in technology businesses, Ivan made his transition into activities that reflect more of his personal interests and life mission.

What began as research into his passions and curiosities eventually developed into group discussions, speaking engagements and expressing his knowledge and insights through a variety of websites, unpublished manuscripts, videos, blogs, social networks, interviews, lectures, radio, and other media.

These activities are summarized in Ivan's "Body of Work"Body of Work

In his personal circles, Ivan is known as someone who commits himself entirely to his endeavors with passion and tireless dedication. This is evident from the below list of his current and future projects, his personal development work and his efforts to help others. He is often known for spending hours of his time in individual and group discussions simply because people have asked for his knowledge and insights.

Below is a list on Ivan’s current and future projects for your review. Please visit the project pages and websites for more information. If you would like to get involved in any of these projects, please click on the specific project and complete the contact form.

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