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All book titles are preliminary and subject to change.  Some titles have been partly omitted and labeled TBD (To Be Disclosed). 

The book graphics are for visual affects only and are not intended to represent the final product.

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Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #1 (Written in 1994)

Title: “To Be Disclosed: The Art of Self-Realization”

a. GENRE: Religion & Spirituality/How To/Self Help


c. LENGTH: 103,000 words, 187 pgs, 8.5x11, 1.5” margins, 11pt, single spaced

d. STATUS: Editing required

e. SYNOPSIS: Life experiences are as unique as any individual and like a puzzle or "who done it" mystery novel, it's our responsibility to put the pieces together. Each experience represents a piece in our puzzle that we must arrange with other pieces in order to reveal the bigger picture and ultimately, our life purpose. As we sort through our experiences, we find that some pieces fit together more easily than others and others don't seem to fit at all. Like any good puzzler, we start with the borders which represent the boundaries of our own perception. We then locate those pieces with a similar look and feel until we start to see patterns and forms between our experiences. Once we have created forms, we can then move these forms within the border and between one another to create a theme. Sometimes we are too close to our own experiences to see the bigger picture just as we can be too close to a challenge to see the solution. Stepping back and gaining a new perspective is the art of a good puzzler. This book takes readers on a journey into solving their own life puzzle through a greater understanding of their experiences. It provides readers with a refreshing perspective and the tools to gain greater clarity of their life journey and the Law of Cause and Effect. Like a biofeedback loop, an advanced puzzler can apply this new perspective back into their lives to improve the quality of future experiences. The more clarity someone gains of their experiences, the more their puzzle comes into focus until they eventually see the bigger picture and realize the meaning and purpose of their life. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #2 (Written in 2011)

Title: “To Be Disclosed: How to Evaluate and Choose a Sustainable Community”

a.  GENRE: Cultural/Social Issues/How To/Self Help

b.  FORMAT: MSWord

c.  LENGTH: 41,000 words, 95 pgs, 8.5x11, 1.25” margins, 12pt, single spaced

d.  STATUS: Some writing and editing required

e.  SYNOPSIS: The challenge to become and maintain personal and social sustainability is as old as man's appearance on Earth. History shows us there is no simple solution and often reveals a multitude of failed attempts. The necessity to become sustainable increases with every step we take towards the future. Without it, we will all eventually perish like those before us. Sustainability is an art that should not be taken lightly. Every attempt involves combining skills and methods in a unique way until an equilibrium is reached. This book is written for those who are planning to develop or become a member of a sustainable community. It addresses questions that are often overlooked, but are essential to ask when considering a path towards sustainability. It provides an outline of how to discern realistic sustainable objectives from those that may be idealistic or unrealistic in order to increase the opportunity for success. It further addresses how to evaluate the objectives of a planned or existing community and what to consider when determining if there is synergy with your personal objectives. Sustainable considerations outlined in this book include: food production, livestock, leadership model, rules, location, resources, housing, lifestyle, common beliefs, education, health, artisan, emergency planning, etc. This book provides an eye-opening look into the pros and cons associated with common perceptions of what sustainability means and how to achieve it as an individual or community. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #3 (Written in 2012)

Title: “To Be Disclosed: Answers to Life's Challenging Questions”

a.  GENRE: Religion & Spirituality/Cultural/Social Issues/How To/Self Help

b.  FORMAT: MSWord

c.  LENGTH: 135,000 words, 260 pgs, 8.5x11, 1.25” margins, 12pt, single spaced

d.  STATUS: Editing Required

e.  SYNOPSIS: We've all experienced times where our questions seem to create haze through which we cannot yet see. To find answers, we often turn inward, outward or even upside down. Wouldn't it be nice if there were always someone around to provide the answers we are seeking? Sometimes, all a person really needs is a perspective that is grounded and can be applied to their own life. Other times, they need a perspective that challenges their accepted beliefs. Some people have found just such a person in their life who provides these perspectives when they most need it. This book contains answers to over 250 questions that Ivan has received over the last few years. Combined, they represent some of the most talked about and pressing discussions in these times of personal and global transformation. This collection addresses topics related to daily life challenges, spiritual perspectives, conscious evolution, sustainable planning and community development. This material can supplement and compliment other books by providing a reference for specific answers to meaningful questions that many will encounter along their journey. The volume of this material may warrant dividing it into one book devoted to spiritual questions and a separate book devoted to sustainability and community. Click here for a list of Questions by Topic in PDF Format  Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #4 (Written in 2013)

Title: “To Be Disclosed: Answers to Life's Challenging Questions”

a. GENRE: Religion & Spirituality


c. LENGTH: 2,700 words, 8 pgs, 120 quotes, 8.5x11, 1.25” margins, 12pt, single spaced

d. STATUS: Still being written, new quotes added regularly

e. SYNOPSIS: There are many who turn to spiritual and inspirational quotes throughout their day of just when they need a reminder of something that keeps them on track. This book is an ongoing accumulation of my growing number of unique spiritual phrases and messages to inspire others and provide guidance in their everyday life. These quotes have been generated through Ivan's personal experiences as a student and teacher on the application of spiritual practices in my daily life. The title will be chosen to provide a refreshing and humorous approach to the list of books based on the Tao (a Chinese concept signifying 'way', 'path', 'route', or sometimes more loosely, 'doctrine' or 'principle'). This book can be used as a quote-of-the-day, quick reference for a daily focus, or to provide spontaneous answers to momentary questions. It may also be converted into a quote-of-the-day calendar format once 365 quotes have been created. These are original quotes generated from my personal insights and journey into self-realization. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #5 (Written in 2010)

Title: “To Be Disclosed: A Model for Sustainable Community”

a. GENRE: Cultural/Social Issues/How To/Self Help


c. LENGTH: 51,000 words, 139 pgs, 8.5x11, 1.25” margins, 12pt, single spaced

d. STATUS: Close to final editing

e. SYNOPSIS: The Project TriStar model outlines a lifestyle for achieving off-grid self-sustainability. Unlike sustainability, self-sustainability encompasses the ability to live completely off the natural resources available to the community and without access to any tools or resources that may be available from cities, stores, mail order, manufacturing plants or any other part of the industrial world. It means that you are self-reliant and producing or fabricating everything necessary for maintaining and nurturing human life on the individual and community levels. Self-sustainability means that, even in times of catastrophic failure, you do not have access to: finances, tools, technology, instructive literature, gas, plastics, emergency resources and even magnets (required for the generation and conversion of electrical energy); making self-sustainability the ultimate challenge for human existence. A few recent, yet ancient, cultures that accomplished this ability before they were dismantled include the American Indians, Australian Aboriginals and isolated tribal communities, however, since the industrial age, few have taken the opportunity to venture into this lost art. This book delves into the essentials for creating a self-sustainable community including: a diet that supports optimal health and eliminates reliance on the existing medical establishment, a common belief that takes 100% personal responsibility for personal and community actions, promotes mutual respect through greater understanding, a commitment to a lifestyle that is not based on separateness and individual needs, but rather on the greatest good and longevity of the whole, and an alignment with universal and natural laws that balances the need to consume without over consuming. This book also addresses the challenges to self-sustainability including: addictions to food, drugs, stimulants, electronic devices and instantaneous gratification. The intent is to provide a practical and realistic approach that has been proven successful in cultures throughout human history. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #6 (Written in 2009)

Title: “To Be Disclosed: A Balanced View on Consciousness and Science”

a.  GENRE: Cultural/Social Issues/Science & Technology

b.  FORMAT: MSWord

c.  LENGTH: 47,000 words, approx 100 pgs, 8.5x11, 1.25” margins, 12pt, single spaced

d.  STATUS: Requires some content updates and editing

e.  SYNOPSIS: The world, as we have known it, is changing and the answers to what, when, where and why are not always as difficult as we are made to believe. Everything in the universe and on Earth occurs in cycles and then there are cycles within cycles. Through decades of research, this book attempts to shed a much needed light on a variety of ongoing and historic events that include the studies of: ancient civilizations, astronomy, geology, archeology, physics and social constructs. It condenses volumes and lifetimes of research into an easy to follow explanation that is certain to shift the perspective and beliefs of those who read it. This book provides a perspective on the history of global changes, the validity or inaccuracy of scientific explanations, the ongoing changes to Earth and our solar system, the rational scientific possibility for an acceleration in global changes, the decay and inevitable demise of existing social archetypes, and the reality that life as we know it is about to change in the very dramatic way. The intent is to provide a rational and grounded understanding for those who aspire to achieve sustainability on planet Earth. This book is not be for the faint of heart as it addresses real concerns with the support of real science that reveals the very real challenges before all humanity. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Body of Work - Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

Book #7 (Still to be written)

Title: “Sustainable Living Encyclopedia”

a.  GENRE: Cultural/Social Issues/How To/Self Help

b.  FORMAT: MSWord

c.  LENGTH: proposed approx 1000-2000 pgs in a multi-volume set

d.  STATUS: In outline and proposal stage

e.  SYNOPSIS: Are there other books and volumes on the topic of sustainability? Yes, however, the topic of achieving a "sustainable lifestyle" is often given a less than complete perspective. Achieving a sustainable lifestyle takes much more than an understanding the laws of supply and demand or how technology can assist in creating sustainability and balance with nature. A sustainable lifestyle requires a common belief in something more than material needs. It requires an understanding that enables people to live in harmony with each other and nature. It includes consideration and choices that may differ depending on geographic location, resource availability, weather patterns and cultural unity. What is a successful model for one location might result in a total failure for another location. This undertaking is meant to create the most detailed and comprehensive resource for sustainable living and sustainable development no matter where you live. This book is proposed to be researched, written, published, and distributed under the Foundation for Sustainable Living, Inc. non-profit. It will be completed through the collaborative efforts of a variety of industry experts and existing resources on various disciplines of social management and sustainability. The outline for this work is based on a combination of solutions that have been prepared as part of the Foundation for Sustainable Living and Project TriStar. This outline will be expanded to include every facet of sustainable living including the pros and cons for virtually every sustainable option imaginable. This work will be separated into volumes, some of which will include: housing, food, energy, fabrication, resources, community planning, community governance, health, artisan, spiritual, education, etc. The accumulated works will represent the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia for sustainable living ever created and maybe the last volume ever needed. Contact Ivan

Click Here for Ivan's Body of Work in PDF format.

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