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Ivan Stein Biography and Profile Photograph

Ivan Stein Biography and Profile Photograph

GREETINGS and Welcome to My Website!

Throughout this website, you will see that my life is literally an open book with many chapters still to be written. I believe such transparency is a necessary step in our quest to express our truth (as we know it), break down our attachment to separateness, open to our desire for unity under common purpose and co-create the future we choose to live in. I sincerely hope this website will help you and me get one step closer to this objective. Please feel free to browse, comment or suggest as you are inspired to do more

Ivan Stein Biography, Personal Introduction, Astrology, Aura Photographs, Travels, Spiritual Awakening, Life Purpose

About Me

Depending on your interests, I have provided my Personal Introduction, short Biography, Astrology, Aura Photos, Past Travels and Future Travels. Future content about my personal life will include my: Early Years, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Journey, and Realizing my more

Ivan Stein Spiritual Teachings - A Path To Self-Realization

My Beliefs

Like anyone, my spiritual journey has been filled with tough challenges and rewarding experiences that have changed my perception of myself and the world we live in. My every thought, word and action is now influenced by the lessons I have learned, the Law of Attraction and what I call my spiritual teachings: "A Path To Self-Realization"... read more

Ivan Stein's Services - Personal Counseling, Life Coaching, Workshops, Seminars, Meditation Mastery, Public Speaking

My Services

Through my inner journey, I have learned how to move beyond the limitations of my misbeliefs and how to help others move through their own life challenges. My services include: Personal Counseling, Life Coaching, Workshops & Seminars and Public Speaking on these and other important topics... read more

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With over 20 years of experience working on myself and with others, I have gained a unique perspective to help people process through their challenges with greater speed and clarity. Any confirmation of my abilities is better left in the words of those who have received the benefits of my work. Here is what some of them have said... read more

Ivan Stein's Organizations, Movements and Projects

Being of Service

Once I learned the importance of nurturing myself, other people and our planet, my efforts have been dedicated to helping others gain a greater awareness of themselves and the world we live in. To support this cause, I have created several Organizations, Websites, Videos, a Radio Show, as well as offering my Personal Services... read more

Ivan Stein's Body of Work - Books, DVD,s Websites and Other Multimedia Endeavors

Body of Work

Most of the work on this website represents my efforts since 2008 and includes several Books ( in various stages of completion), DVD's & CD's, Websites and Other Multimedia. It's provided here in hopes to attract multimedia industry contacts and ultimately a book publisher. Media Kit is to be created... read more

Ivan Stein's Realms of Reality Radio Show Featuring Conscious Reality, Sustainable Reality, Health Reality and Global Change Reality


My belief in questioning everything has lead me down a path of inward and outward discovery about the illusions and realities of the world we live in. With over 48 hours of recorded audio, this Radio Show has allowed me to share my knowledge and wisdom while learning valuable lessons for developing my self-expression... read more

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Ways To Connect

This website, my Biography, Projects and Body of Work are provided here to connect with like-minded people who have similar interests and passions. You are welcome to contact me through any of my various Social Networks, Websites and this Contact Form. Skype, e-mail and other methods can be provided after initial introductions... read more